Breaking News: Year 6 SATs Results 7 July 2016

Breaking News: Year 6 SATs Results

Breaking news: the year 6 SATs results

The Mathematical Association recognises the tremendous effort that teachers and young people have invested in working towards the new year 6 SATs. For 70% of pupils to reach a mastery standard in this demanding new mathematics curriculum after only two years of  a six-year programme is a remarkable achievement which deserves considerable recognition. As an association, we support the intentions of the new curriculum with its renewed emphasis on problem solving and reasoning and  its aspiration for all, though we have cautioned that aiming too high too fast (for teachers or pupils) risks threatening confidence, enjoyment and progression. While we recognise the continuing challenge for both teachers and young people, we look forward to seeing year 6 pupils build on their achievements when they begin secondary school in September, and to continuing our work with the range of teachers of mathematics to ensure high quality, enjoyable school mathematics experiences for all.