Equals Spring 2016 'I love my year 8 class' 13 May 2016

Equals Spring 2016 'I love my year 8 class'

Gathering Momentum - I think this is an apt title for the introduction to the spring edition of Equals and I will explain why.  Momentum depends upon mass and as I write the critical mass of Equals is growing and with it we will be able to do so much more. It has been a real pleasure to talk with the colleagues who have contacted Equals offering to help. Mark Haddon, a member of the editorial team from some years back, got in touch with an article that we will include in the June issue. It is also only natural that such contacts will bring change, whether in direction or speed, and when Barbara Rodgers of the Solent Maths Hub called looking for help I knew something special would emerge. I will share more of this development in June but for now ‘watch this space’.

This edition is rather eclectic as we have included the full range of pieces that have been sent to us since Christmas. I feel   this is a good way of highlighting that the aim of Equals is to support those who are working to help our weaker students grow and blossom as mathematicians. Please get in touch to let us know what you think about our publication and also if there is any way you can help.  More importantly please share with us your classroom stories and anecdotes of how you are help your own students develop as mathematicians.

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