Ofqual Report on SAMs 27 May 2015

Ofqual Report on SAMs

The Mathematical Association broadly welcomes the publication of the Ofqual report on the relative difficulty and demand of the reformed GCSE mathematics sample assessment materials (SAMs). We concur with the conclusions reached, and in particular that assessments of the new GCSE should fully reflect its aims of promoting mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We are also pleased to see that the analysis recognises the very real challenges of developing assessments which allow the range of students to access questions and so to fully demonstrate their mathematical competencies.

It is right that there should be further consideration of how curriculum intentions can be better reflected in the regulations for Mathematics GCSE; however, we urge Ofqual to proceed with urgency to accredit SAMs consistent in demand both with one another and with improved regulations. That will enable schools to develop their teaching and learning for the new Mathematics GCSE with confidence and to the benefit of their pupils.