National Curriculum Programmes of Study consultation 24 September 2011

National Curriculum Programmes of Study consultation

The Department for Education has decided to delay the pre-consultation phase until the new National Curriculum Programmes of Study have been developed to a more advanced stage. The intention remains to make drafts available to the community prior to the formal consultation in early 2012, but in order to make this process more meaningful it is expected that this will now take place later in the autumn. The overall timeline for the National Curriculum Review and its implementation remains the same, with formal consultation early next year.

When the National Curriculum review was launched by the Department for Education on 20 January, it was announced that new Programmes of Study for mathematics would be issued for formal consultation in early 2012 and produced in final form in September 2012 for first teaching from September 2013.

The Secretary of State for Education has now made a public commitment in a speech to the Royal Society on 29 June that, rather than waiting for the formal consultation in January 2012, the development process will be opened up by sharing work in progress on Programmes of Study with subject communities for discussion and collaboration early in the autumn term.

ACME agreed to facilitate this extra level of discussion with the community, and this will take place online during late autumn 2011. ACME plans to make use of the NCETM portal ( to facilitate discussion, according to the following schedule:

  • a reminder of these details and instructions for how to register on the NCETM website will be issued (along with any changes to the schedule below)
  • the draft Programmes of Study will go live on the ACME website and on a dedicated NCETM discussion forum
  • the discussion forum will be open for a specified time for members of the community to debate relevant issues
  • there will also be a simple webform available for those who wish to submit their comments direct to ACME privately
  • an eSeminar will be held, and we will ask people to express an interest in participating in this when the reminders are issued
  • following this process, ACME will work on providing consolidated feedback to the Department for Education based on thoughts gathered through this consultation.

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