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Gaz 104, 561The Mathematical Gazette is one of the leading journals in its field, publishing important and influential articles about the teaching and learning of mathematics.  

It also features fascinating expositions of attractive areas of mathematics, book reviews, and a teasing problem corner.  Its readership spans the globe and includes school teachers, college and university lecturers, students, educationalists and others with an interest in mathematics.

What you can expect in each issue:

- Articles – each of six pages or more in length, covering a wide range of topics.

- Notes - these are shorter than articles and cover a wide range of topics.

- Problem Corner – problems are set and readers are encouraged to solve them. Solutions to previous problems are included alongside credit.

- Student Problem Corner – contains problems for upper secondary school pupils.

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Read articles from recent issues

vol 102 Can our coinage system be improved author: Peter Shiu

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vol 102 Four congruent right triangles author: Andrew Jobbings

vol 100 Will my numbers add up correctly if I round them? author: David Hopkins.

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