From arithmetic to modern cryptography: a guided tour.

16 March 2017

Branch: Liverpool

TitleFrom arithmetic to modern cryptography: a guided tour

Presenter:  Declan Davis  (Declan Davis gained his PhD from the University of Liverpool in 2008, and is now Head of A-level Maths at the Belvedere Academy in Liverpool.)

Date: 16 March 2017

Time:  17.30

Summary:  Since the beginning of time, people have wanted to be able to communicate in a way that prevents anyone besides the intended recipient from reading the message. From the battle plans of Roman generals, to the interest rate decisions of the Bank of England, being able to keep communications secret is of vital importance. Cryptography is the area of mathematics that deals with keeping information secret and safe. From ordering a pizza online, to ensuring that the Prime Minister’s communications are kept secret, cryptography has an ever more important role to play in an increasingly digital world.  This talk will introduce the ideas of modular arithmetic finite fields and elliptic curves; and explore how these areas of Pure Mathematics are used by billions of people every day to keep their information safe.

Venue: University of Liverpool

Venue Address:  Room C, Central Teaching Hub, L69 7BX

Audience:   Year 11 and up, their teachers and anyone interested in mathematics and its applications

Branch Contact name/email:  Please email any enquiries to Ian Jarman

Door Charge: The lecture is free to students of all ages, and to members of the LivMS. Others will be charged £4 at the door.