Problem Solving with Paper Folding
Museum Studies Building, Leicester University

12 November 2016

Presenter:      Fran Watson: an NRICH PD Co-ordinator, Cambridge University.

Date:               Saturday, 12th November 2016

Time:               9:30am - 12:15pm (arrive from 9am)

Abstract: In delivering a curriculum with an emphasis on problem-solving, creativity and developing robust knowledge and technical skills, paper folding offers a practical, purposeful and collaborative activity suitable for a wide range of ages. Paper folding and origami also particularly helps develop fine motor skills in young children.

Origami models of geometric 2D and 3D objects can provide a practical starting point for exploring mathematics. Creating and unfolding models and examining the geometric properties of the creased paper can help to develop understanding about symmetry and fractions, and leads naturally on to proof through extending such mathematical reasoning.

The paper folding acts as a focus for discussion and development of mathematical language as well as providing a manipulative which lends a physicality to many of the properties being discussed and helps students to link the abstract concept with something concrete to support the idea.

Venue:             Museum Studies Building, Leicester University, LE1 7RF

Cost:                There is £5 charge for Teachers and £2 charge for Students.

Contact:           Rob Smith, East Midlands Branch Secretary