Developing Mathematical Oracy

28 July 2021

mathematical oracy

Date: 28th July

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Cost: Free to MA members, £5 for non-members

Title: Developing Mathematical Oracy

Audience: Secondary

“purposeful talk at every stage of schooling improves outcomes for the most disadvantaged students” (Oracy APPG 2021 Report)

This workshop will explore the findings of the Oracy APPG 2021 Report and its implications for maths classrooms across the phases, alongside effective strategies to begin to develop mathematical oracy in your own classroom.

Oracy is becoming a staple part of many lessons, and indeed more widely as a priority in schools. Subject specific Mathematical Oracy can be used to support students in deepening their understanding and in making secure connections between mathematical topics and themes, whilst also improving their oral language proficiency.

Mathematical Oracy combines a set of principles and strategies which support students in being able to elegantly articulate their mathematical thinking and reasoning, and make connections based on recognising the underlying structures of mathematics, while also providing students with the scaffolding to construct mathematical arguments.

Developing Mathematical Oracy requires a broad range of pedagogical strategies alongside expert led mathematical experiences, however it is also possible to implement a few small changes rather easily. I therefore expect participants of this session to leave with an understanding of the purpose of Mathematical Oracy as well as some ''quick wins'' and some deeper, more nuanced strategies which they can further explore in their own classrooms.

Learning outcomes: To know and understand the principles of Developing Mathematical Oracy.

To know some strategies for beginning to develop an Oracy rich culture in your own classroom.

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