Dice and Digit Cards with Kirsty Behan

7 July 2021

As part of our 150th Anniversary we are pleased to bring you the second webinar in the series, hosted by our Equals Online team. Kirsty Behan is a member of the editorial team for Equals Online.

Kirsty will share a series of tasks that allow learners to generate their own questions that can help to reinforce key arithmetic skills, understanding of place value and creating a sense of curiosity.

Date: 7th July

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Price: £5 non members, FREE MA members

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About Equals Online

Equals Online - Mathematics and Special Educational Needs is a valuable resource for those working to ensure that all pupils will benefit from mathematics.

Classroom teachers need the best support to develop good practice in line with current initiatives and it is the aim of Equals to provide this support in a number of practical ways. Age range: 3-18 years

Equals Online is produced by teachers and curriculum/SEN specialists dedicated to opening up mathematics to low attainers.

In practical terms it provides support through the exchange of ideas to help teachers reveal the excitement and applicability of mathematics to those who have in the past found the subject inaccessible and/or irrelevant.

Equals is primarily concerned with teachers sharing good practice, experience and ideas. To this end we welcome submissions from colleagues who have ideas or activities that they feel need trying out or sharing. Updates on issues affecting practice, book reviews, practical ideas and resources are just some of the features of Equals Online...