Computing the Future

11 October 2018

Branch:  Liverpool

Title:  Computing the Future

Presenter: Richard Pinch (formerly Strategic Advisor, Mathematics and Security Research at GCHQ)

Date:  Thursday 11 Oct 2018

Time:  5.30pm – 6.30pm

Summary: New ways of computing, not based on the further micro-miniaturisation of silicon circuits, are emerging as practical realities. The arrival of quantum computing is now a practical consideration for large companies and national and international bodies; and looking a little further ahead, data storage and processing based on the biological properties of DNA have been demonstrated in the laboratory.

Quantum computing is the new buzzword -- Richard Pinch has been looking into what computers will look like after quantum tech arrives and what newer ideas are still on the drawing board. Mathematics -- old, new and as yet unknown -- will be the key to developing and exploiting these new technologies.

This talk is for Year 11 up, teachers and all those interested in mathematics and its applications.


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Branch Contact email:   Peter Giblin

Door Charge:  Free to all students and members of LivMS. Others pay £4.