Ideas on how to develop P4C in mathematics
Sheffield Hallam University

23 May 2018

Branch:  Sheffield

TitleIdeas on how to develop P4C in mathematics

Presenter: Fufy Demissie and others

Date:   Wednesday, 23rd May 2018

Time:  4.30 - 6 pm

Summary:  You are warmly invited to the first branch meeting of The Maths Association at Sheffield Hallam University.  This is an exciting opportunity to bring educators from around South Yorkshire together to share ideas and challenge thinking on how mathematics can transform lives in people of different ages, in many different ways.  There will be a contribution from Fufy Demissie who will share some ideas on how to develop P4C in mathematics, which ties in well with some of the ideas around developing talk and thinking in mathematics. 

Venue:  Sheffield Hallam University, Charles Street Building, Room 12.2.18

Branch Contact name/email:  Lisa Ashmore -

Door Charge:  n/a