Bar Modelling

7 October 2017

Title:  Session on Bar Modelling

Presenters:    Gary Setchell

Date:              Saturday 7 October 2017

Time:              09:30 for 10:00 start - finishing by 12:15

Summary:      Gary is an SLE at Bournville Junior School TSA. He first stumbled across what Sybilla Beckmann (2004) described as ‘strip diagrams’ whilst completing his M.Ed. a few years ago. This practical session covers how bar modelling can be a powerful tool for revealing the structure of problems. Having been convinced at school - by himself and others - he didn’t have a ‘maths brain’, he has now found himself hell-bent on a mission to get schools bar modelling.

Venue:           Venue: University of Leicester in the Fraser Noble Hall

Contact:         To book a place please send your Name by email t Rob Smith 

Cost:   There is an entrance fee for those in work (£5) and for GTP/PGCE students (£2).

The ATM & MA will have publications available via bookstalls at break time (please bring cash/cheque or card).