AGM Agenda

The next Annual General Meeting is to be held on Tuesday 16th April 2019 at Chesford Grange, Warwick.


1.       Welcome by the Chair, Mike Askew (President 2018–2019).

2.       The AGM will receive the report from the Chair of Council, Peter Ransom.

3.       The report of the Treasurer, David Miles.

          3.1       The 2018 independently examined accounts to be received by the members.

          3.2       Nomination of the independent examiners for 2019.   

4.       Election of Officers and other members of Council.

          4.1       The elections of Ems Lord as President for 2019–2020

                       and of _____as President for 2020–2021 will be announced. 

          4.2       Nominated by the Council for election:

                      Chair of Council  -  Peter Ransom   

                      Secretary - Jennie Golding   

                      Treasurer - David Miles  

                      Chair of Branches - Keith Cadman

                      Chair of Conferences - Cherri Moseley

      Chair of Membership - Julia Brown

      Chair of Professional Development - Sue Southward

      Chair of Publicity and Media - Jo Morgan

      Chair of Publications - ________

      Chair of Teaching Committee - Mel Muldowney

      Editor-in-Chief - Bill Richardson

           4.3     Members without Office (one vacancy)

                     The following nomination has been received: ______________

                     In the absence of other nominees there will be no ballot

5.       Matters arising from the Annual General Meeting 2018.

6.       Council affairs, including reports by Chairs of Committees.

7.       Any other business.