2017 Conference Session Downloads

2017 Common Denominators

Here are some of the session presentation downloads that our 2017 Annual Conference speakers have very kindly provided.

Liz Meenan - Opening Plenary
Around the World in 80 tiles (pdf)
Separate downloads available:-
Folding Polygons 1 (pdf)
Folding Polygons 2 (pdf)
Greek Key Pattern (pdf)
Patchwork Patterns (pdf)
Folding Polygons for Islamic Patterns (pdf)
Islamic Tiling Patterns (pdf)
Create your own Escher-like Tessellation (pdf)
Create your own Tessellation (pdf)
Escher Cut and Rotate (pdf)
Escher Cut and Slide (pdf)

Debbie Morgan - Primary Plenary
What is Mastery, why does it matter, and what are teachers doing where it's working well? (pdf)

Rachael Horsman - 1A
Activities for Developing Geometrical Thinking (pdf)

Peter Jarrett - 1D
When Learners Can't or Won't do Maths (pdf) or download slideshow (pptx)

Colin Foster - 2D
Mathematical Etudes (pdf)

Sidney Tyrrell - 2E
Making Sense of Statistics (pdf) or download slideshow (pptx)

Andrew Taylor - 2F
Problems, Models and Data - the challenges of the new A-level (pdf) or download slideshow (pptx)

Darren Macey - 2G
2 Camel Stack Code and 3 Camel Stack Code (docx)

Chris Pritchard - 2H
Further Adventures in Area (pdf) or download slideshow (pptx)

Mark Dawes - 2I
GeoGebra 1: Getting started and GeoGebra Help Sheet (docx) or download slideshow (pptx)

Jo Lees - 3B
Primary Reasoning and Problem Solving in KS2 (pdf) or download slideshow (pptx)

Nick McIvor - 3E
Core Maths on the Ground: What works? (pdf) or download slideshow (pptx)

Graham Griffiths - 3F
Beyond GCSE Resits: Provision for post 16s without a C (pdf)

Margaret Brown - 3G
MathsWorlduk A National Maths Exploratorium (pdf)

Peter Neumann - 3H
A Prehistory of Lagrange's Theorem (pdf)

Ruth Bull - 4A
Fluency Through Games (pdf)

Pete Sides - 4B
Bar Modelling-Bar Logic (pdf) or download slideshow (pptx)

Mel Muldowney - 4C
Developing Mathematical Resilience and Developing Mathematical Resilience - Dr Clare Lee (pdfs) or download slideshow (pptx)

Jim Simons - 4H
Meet the Surreal Numbers (pdf)

Stephen Britton - 4I
Beginning to use Desmos in the Classroom (pdf) or download slideshow (pptx)

Jennie Pennant - 5A
Every Lesson A Problem-Solving Lesson (pdf)

Nicola Bretscher - 5C
Practical Approaches Developing Reasoning in Geometry (pdf)

Stella Dudzic - 5F
Statistics in Further Mathematics (pdf) or download slideshow (pptx)

Gerry Leversha - 5H
One problem, many solutions (pdf)

Mick Blaylock - 5I
Spreadsheets in Action with Students 15-18 (pdf)

Julia Brown - 6B
Primary Mathematics Challenge Materials at Transition (pdf)

Sue Childs - 6C
Student Journals to Support Deep Conceptual Understanding

Julia Smith - 6D
Recharge and Motivate: Ideas for GCSE Resits

Avril Steele - 6F
Matrices, Transformation and Vectors (pdf)

Darren Macey - 6G
The n Camel Stack problem (pdf) or download slideshow (pptx)

Chris Sangwin - 6H
The Pendulum, Plain and Puzzling (pdf)

Cherrie Moseley - 7A
Number Sense (pdf) or download slideshow (pptx)

Rachael Horsman - 7B
Ideas for Developing Geometric Thinking (pdf)

Mick Blaylock - 7D
Perspectives on Post 16 Provision for 2017 (pdf)

Stella Dudzic - 7E
Mechanics: A Close Look at Two Topics (pdf)

Avril Steele - 7F
Recurrence Relations (pdf) or download slideshow (pptx)

Mark Dawes - 7I
Further GeoGebra: Conjecture and Proof (pdf) or download slideshow (pptx)

Avril Steele - 8I
Differential Equations Using Technology (pdf)